Flexischools Communications App

An easy way to reach your parent community

The Flexischools App

The Flexischools app allows you to effectively communicate with your parent community.
Best of all the app is free to use for Flexischools parents and schools.


Newsfeed with posts and push notifications


Add images and PDFs including your school newsletter


With your school colours and logo


Linked to Flexischools online ordering

Get Started

Step 1: Setup

The Flexischools app is powered by our communications platform Flexibuzz. To get started you need to set up an account. By creating an account you will be able to manage all your school communications and publish to the Flexischools app.

To set up your account go to https://web.flexibuzz.com from a PC browser and click on the ‘Sign Up’ tab, fill in your details and hit the 'Sign Up' button. On the next page check your details and hit the 'Confirm Details' button.

Step 2: Connect to your school

Click on ‘Search’ in the left-hand menu then type in the name of your school and select your school from the results.

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Step 3: Communication Boxes

Select all the year groups for your school, this will allow you to send out communications to all year groups.

Step 4: Upgrade to Admin

To manage your account we will need to upgrade your account to ‘Admin’. To do this, email support@flexibuzz.com to request admin access to your account. Include your name, school name, your position at the school and phone number.

Step 5: Admin Access

Once your account has been upgraded to admin you will receive an email from our support staff.

Go back to your PC web browser and login to https://web.flexibuzz.com. Once logged in you will be able to manage your school account by clicking on the down arrow next to your profile and choosing your school account to manage.

Step 6: Help Guides and Training

Within the admin portal under 'Support' are extended help guides for using the portal.

Note: Multiple school admins are possible, so the school office administrators, teachers, principal, can all have an account to post news to the app.

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